Wednesday, April 2, 2008


When you birth a baby in Texas, you're required to sign a contract agreeing that every spring, you will take a photo of that child plopped down in the middle of a field of bluebonnets and that you will take a similar photo every year until such time as said child is old enough to compose a 500-word essay specifying the reasons why it is dumb and/or stupid and/or boring to continue doing so. Thumper did not submit his essay this year, therefore: Thumper in Bluebonnets, 2008 edition.


Minivan Mom said...

Fess up. Where do we go for the bluebonnets?

I have heard people speak of how I must take pictures of my kids in the bluebonnets, but I have been holding out on several Texas traditions. But Thumper looks so damn cute, I might have to succumb.

I, Rodius said...

This is a topic of great interest on the SAHD Yahoo group. This year, the consensus seems to be St. Ed's on the hill between the soccer field and the main building, which is where we went. It wasn't a breathtaking expanse of unending blue, but it worked well enough, and the St. Ed's main building is a nice backdrop. A few other mentions were "off of Burnet somewhere around Braker or Kramer" and "an empty lot at La Frontera." Someone else mentioned that "a few years ago," there was a good spot with bluebonnets AND indian paintbrush somewhere along the Town Lake hike and bike trail, but there were no confirmed sightings of that location this year.

Last year, they said St. Ed's, the IBM campus off of Burnet and Balcones District Park off Duval.

Of course, you could always just stop your car somewhere along Mopac. I'm sure the noise and exhaust add a great deal of charm to the experience.

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