Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Is Two Too Young for a Scooter?

So the boy's two now. We had his party on Saturday. He likes birthdays.

Cupcake Love

He got some great gifts, like a bubble mower:

Bubble Mower

And a scooter:

Scooter Pose

Scooter Practice

Luckily, it came with all of the necessary safety gear, though so far, he's had the good sense to do his crashing on the grass:

Scooter Wipeout

Though he got lots of great gifts that he loved, and some adorable clothes that Aerie and I loved, the best toys of the day were, of course, Grandpa's stick:

Grandpa's Stick

And an old box:

The Box

But the best thing about a birthday party, as far as Thumper is concerned, is having friends and family come over to play. Well, that, and cake.



Amy said...

You're killing me with all of the Cute. OMG he is too cute!

I, Rodius said...

Thanks. He is cute, and loves women who tell him so. "Killing me softly, with his dimples..."

She Said said...

The look on his face while sitting in the box is absolutely priceless. SO cute!

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