Monday, March 15, 2010

Restlessly Running

Thumper's down for a nap, now, and he only tried twice to escape before giving it up as a lost cause. Maybe he's starting to catch on. I had a poor night's sleep last night, though. He kept getting up through the evening, but finally fell asleep before we went to bed. He stayed asleep, too, except for that one time at 5:00 a.m. when he jolted us awake by standing next to our bed and saying, "Hi, Mama!"

But he didn't keep climbing out all night long, and he didn't wander the house looking for poisonous chemicals and steak knives, as I imagined him doing while we slept. Aerie said if he did get up in the night, he'd immediately come looking for us because he's not too fond of darkness, and she was right. She usually is.

Even though he didn't keep us up with his escape artistry all night, he might as well have, because I dreamed restlessly of him escaping, then woke up to listen to the silence for signs that he had actually escaped. Oh yeah, I also dreamed that a junkie stabbed me in the bicep with his needle. Odd. Plus, of course, I had this song stuck in my head all night, which didn't help my rest either:

Despite poor rest, though, I did get up and go to the gym. I think my plan to motivate myself by signing up for a 10K is working: I actually ran for an entire hour, without stopping or walking! I felt pretty good, too! I don't think I got anywhere near what anyone would call a "runner's high," but I didn't feel like I was going to die, so that's a good thing. Maybe, just maybe, a 10K isn't as far out of my reach as I thought it would be. 6.2 miles sounds much easier than 10 kilometers. I think the U.S. should stick to its anti-metric guns.


She Said said...

LOL! Sorry, but I am laughing. I understand those nightmares. I truly do. My latest is that Emily gets on a subway and as I turn to see her on the train, the doors are closing and she rides away all by herself. Well, and a train full of non-English speaking Chinese.

Good for you for signing up for the 10K. That's an awesome and worthwhile goal! Go you! :)

I, Rodius said...


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