Sunday, February 20, 2011


1) My motivation for counting Weight Watchers points faltered pretty quickly. I'm still making good mealtime choices, but when I'm not counting, it's easy to throw in an extra snack here and there and think of it as unimportant or incidental, or to eat in their entirety the staff meals that were provided at work this weekend, including dessert, because it's really not that bad, and it's only occasional. But repeated and untracked "occasional" or "special" meals or snacks add up quickly. I'm going to keep trying to make good choices, but clearly counting is not for me.

I just ordered The Paleo Diet from Amazon (along with new ear-clip headphones and lubricant to prevent nipple chafe), so hopefully that will help me keep my calories under control and improve my lung function. I'm running and running and pushing myself to ever greater respiratory achievements, but somehow I'm still constantly wheezing and clearing my throat. My lungs suck. And blow. Ha! See what I did there? Respiratory humor! Anyway, maybe the Paleo Diet will help me discover that some portion of my lung dysfunction comes from a food allergy, like wheat or dairy, and suddenly I'll be able to breathe effectively again. Or something.

And yes, I did parenthetically mention that I purchased a special salve to put on my nipples to keep my shirt from sanding them off entirely as I run. And no, I couldn't let it pass as just a parenthetical comment. Nipple chafe for runners is a fascinating topic to me. Never would I have imagined such a thing. Never would I have imagined so many people pursuing a hobby with nipple chafe as a side-effect. Never would I have thought of Googling images of runners' bloody nipples. And yet, here we are.

2) Old stressors temporarily muted are starting to rise in volume again, pushing my wife to make tough choices and to anguish over them. There are, still and again, no good solutions, and every option has unpleasant consequences. Which is partly why:

3) I'm also struggling on the elimination of alcohol from my weekly routine.

So there you go. I'm working hard, running and lifting weights and doing push ups and losing weight, but every weekend is one step back on my week's two steps forward. I'm succeeding and I'm failing, and I'm happy, and I'm sad, and I'm mad, and I'm guilty, and I'm proud, and that's pretty much how life goes.


She Said said...

Having small children in the house also makes #3 difficult. We have tried as well, but by the time they are in bed in the evening, we are spent and decide it is ok to enjoy that glass of wine.

Have you looked into The 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss? ( Greg is fascinated by it. It's not for me (30 grams of protein in the morning???!!!), but it's chalk full of interesting facts.

Also, I am doing the WW points. I like the new system (free fruit!), but I too seem to only manage tracking about half the time.

Oh, and nipple chafe? I got nuthin'.

I, Rodius said...

I'm glad you said that about small children and #3. This kid is smart and funny and a joy and he makes me laugh a dozen times or more a day, but sweet baby Jesus, he just won't stop with the attitude, making each and every activity a battle all day and all week long. I've heard that 4 is sweet ( but sometimes I think 3 will kill me.

A brief glance makes me think that 4-Hour Body is a little nuts. I ain't survivin' on 2 hours of sleep. Just. Ain't. Happenin'.

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