Thursday, April 14, 2011


My weight loss has stalled, my running performance has plateaued, my knee refuses to heal, my lungs are full of glue, and my motivation is waning. I'm 2 days away from Warrior Dash, and there's no way in hell I'm going to meet my overly-ambitious 32-minute goal. My past three workouts have been a disaster, with my energy level in the toilet (maybe I should try going to bed before midnight) and my heart rate inexplicably at a surprisingly high 169 today, which is way outside of what the chart on the gym wall says it should be at the ripe old age of nearly 40. I don't know if the Paleo Diet is letting me down, or if I'm not doing it right, eating too many fruits and not enough vegetables, or if Paleo's a crock and I should chow down on some pasta tomorrow night. It has not, as I thought it might, made a difference with my lungs or with my skin. My knee still hurts and never heals because I keep running on it. When I try to remember my Chi Running fundamentals, my knee bothers me less, but still, it hurts during and after a run.

Maybe I need to start riding my bike more instead.

Oh yeah, I did remember that this summer (July specifically) will mark my 5-year anniversary of quitting smoking, which is a year longer than I made it the previous time I quit smoking. Hooray, me!


He Said said...

I wish I could give you some advice that wasn't bullshit from a fatass. I can't lose my weight. My kee hurts, my sleeping injury in my feet still bother me, and I threw a rib out in my back sniffing. Not snorting something, just SNIFFING. Happy days to being 44. Compared to me you are making progress. Keep it up!!!!!

I, Rodius said...

LOL. I can't thank you enough for "sleeping injury in my feet" and "threw a rib out in my back sniffing." I have no complaints to compare. I owe you one!

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