Friday, May 21, 2010

How We're Spending Our Days

Ever since we went to that flea market, we've been doing a lot of this:

And I mean a lot. As in every single day, for at least an hour and sometimes more. A little over a week ago, we ran into a dad at the playground at Central Market and his daughter, who was just about Thumper's age. She had a LIKEaBIKE that Thumper absolutely loved. They kindly let him give it a try while the dad told me about his three kids who were all riding two-wheel pedal bikes without training wheels after learning to balance on that unusual contraption. When I got home, I looked them up. After choking on the $400 price tag, I looked up "balance bike" on Craigslist and found a used Park Racer for a much more palatable $35. So we got it.

He loves his new "cheetah bike" and is the envy of the neighborhood kids, even the big kids who already know how to ride a two-wheeler without training wheels. So now we have to drag both bikes around with us whenever we play on our street or at the playgrounds. After a week, he's getting pretty good at coasting, and can even make some long, graceful, looping turns with his feet up.

I tried to get some video, but he still refuses to let me take his picture. This is the conversation we have every time I pull the camera out:


She Said said...

Yay Craigslist! WIN! (Side note: I can't tell you how happy I am to be home and not have to VPN in to see your blog. I can even watch the videos on my new computer!!! YAY! Thumper is adorable!)

I, Rodius said...

Thanks, and welcome home! I'm so glad you weren't arrested. Hope your kids adjust well to non-rockstar status!

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