Monday, October 29, 2012

Sonnet 001

So I decided to do Finslippy's "The Practice of Writing." The fifth prompt was about "deep practice," creating a habit by doing something over and over again until the neural pathways in your brain have been affected. I’ve managed to deeply ingrain some pretty bad habits, but I’m not so good at programming the good ones. "Tell a story about a mistake." I thought I’d try some poetry this time. Perhaps that’s a mistake.

To see the world through perfect eyes again,
Requires return to youthful certainty.
But knowing less each day than I knew then,
Is wisdom, or its start, at least for me.

In certainty, I lost what I loved most;
In strength, I pushed away what I would hold.
To know and never doubt comes at a cost,
The dearest things of all were what I sold.

Release your heart and mind to what could be.
Accept that what you know may not be true.
At last with open eyes begin to see
The deepest kind of wisdom inside you.

Not School, nor Laws of Men, nor Church of Rome:
It’s Love that guides us to our one true home.

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