Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Few Things

1. I have never been this regular. I have, well, not an irrational fear per se, but an aversion, to public restrooms. This presents a problem when you work out of the home forty hours per week. Now, though, I can go whenever I like. It's fabulous!

Don't judge me!

2. Small children are baffled and intimidated by turnstiles. When they are presented with that hip bar that strikes them at, oh, about forehead level, they stop dead in their tracks and think, "What fresh hell is this?!" When you say, "It's OK, just push right here and walk on through," they balk like cattle at the slaughterhouse chute, even though you're ready to catch that next bar before it swings around and cracks them on the back of the skull. Still they don't trust you. When you encourage, "It's OK, just duck under," they stare at you with wide eyes and think, "It's a trap! You bastard!"

Man, little kids is funny.

3. Speaking of kids, THE kid is, as Mrs. Rodius described him today, "A rollin' fool." Back to front, front to back. His front to back strategy is to put his head down, get his feet under him, and push his butt far enough in the air that he topples. So I'm thinking pushing with the feet will lead to forward locomotion soon, and then he'll be unstoppable. Unstoppable, I tell ya!

4. I've achieved stasis on one database project and have yet to be given the go ahead on the next one, so maybe I'll be able to do some good ol' naptime bloggin'. Maybe. I miss you guys. I feel like I'm neglecting you. Shhh, internet. Come here. It's OK. You know I still love you, right?


anniemcq said...

I can just picture Thumper rollin' and rollin'. More pictures, please! Also, it would be great to get more bloggin' from the Man.

BTW, you've been tagged, friend.

suttonhoo said...

dang this made me smile.

and re that happiness thing from your earlier post: what if, instead, it lasted *forever*?

(could just happen.)

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