Friday, February 22, 2008

The Streak Is Over

After nearly seven months, the previously never ill Thumper has finally demonstrated that he is not, in fact, Unbreakable. And the winner is...

Conjunctivitis! With a little dollop of cold on top.

The doctor said that they're seeing a lot of conjunctivitis going around, and so, apparently, are the chains on the swings at the playground. Mrs. Rodius may never let us out of the house again without a can of Lysol.


suttonhoo said...

SO sorry the little sweetie got the bug -- but isn't it the MOST WONDERFUL word to say?

my favorite communicable disease ever to pronounce, I think.

even better when it's lead, as it was when it visited my family, with "contagious".

contagious conjunctivitis.

love it.


anniemcq said...

Contagious Conjunctivitis is SO much better than dyspeptic diarrhea.

Feel better soon, Thump man!

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