Friday, July 4, 2008

The Fundamentals of Comedy

THUMPER: *Farts* Hee hee hee! Tut!


T: Hee hee hee! Tut!

R: Tooooooooot.

T: Hee hee hee! Tut!

R: *Burps* Excuse me!

T: Hee hee hee! Bup!

R: Burp.

T: Hee hee hee! Bup!

R: Buurrrrrrpppp!

T: Hee hee hee!

He's a prodigy, that boy. I couldn't be prouder.


suttonhoo said...

brilliant bits like this are why you can't quit. :)

I'm just catching up after a crazy couple of weeks and there's all this angst out here -- who'd you piss off? and how? I miss all the good stuff.

sorry about the Twitter thing -- I think I'm responsible for egging you on -- I agree, it eats up what could be good posts in all of 140 characters -- but you're really good at it. :) and this. I hope you stick around.

I, Rodius said...

Thanks! I ain't quittin', just whinin'. And the angst isn't worth the retelling. I'll tell you over coffee some day.

Yes, you were the pusher that got me hooked!

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