Thursday, March 19, 2009


I haven't had that much to say lately, perhaps because I've been generating thousands of words about baby products and don't have many words left over for myself. But we're still here, Thumper and I, doing our thing.

Thanks to an infusion of additional Lincoln Log and Tinker Toy materials handed down by Uggy Buggy, Freckles, and Robert McGee this week, our tubs runneth over.

With such infinite possibilities, we've been spending much of our mornings in construction and demolition. We believe in division of labor, so I focus on the construction, and Thumper's our demolition expert.

There's been a lot of roadwork going on in our neighborhood. Yesterday, as we walked down to the playground, Thumper almost screwed his head off watching them work as we passed.


"They're making a new road."

"Road. Doing?"

"They're making a new road." Etc., etc.

At night they store the construction vehicles where the road dead ends behind our house. The past several mornings, when the engines fire up and rattle the picture frames on our walls, Thumper runs outside to watch the daily deployment.

And yes. Yes, I do let my kid sit around the house in his underwear. Does that make me a redneck?


anniemcq said...

As long as it's just Tman in his underwear and not dad, and there are no wife-beater T's around you have skirted the redneck neighborhood.

Love the pics!

She Said said...

If that makes you a redneck, then I must be a hippy every time Emily insists on running around stark naked. ;)

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