Monday, March 23, 2009

Family Time

My printer was jammed. Just figured out Thumper decided to store 6 pawns from the chess set inside it. Of course!

I didn't have any ushering jobs this weekend, so even though I did a bunch of copywriting(elegantchicsophisticatedsturdystabledurablemobilecreamyrichwarm), I still managed to spend some time with both my child and my wife. At the same time! It was a refreshing change of pace that I thoroughly enjoyed. We ate out at an actual restaurant on Friday, and played together on Sunday.

Aerie thought Thumper would enjoy a sandbox, so we made it happen. Turns out she was right.

Hours of fun.

Digging and dumping, digging and dumping.

Sand everywhere.


1 comment:

anne said...

We have this same model of sandbox, handed down from my college buddy when his girls got to big for it... 8 years ago. It was a big hit with my kids when it arrived, when they were about Thumper's age now - enjoy!

The sandbox was a freebie when my buddy delivered and set up the swingset his girls had also outgrown. It is the one item in our backyard to which ALL kids gravitate as soon as they walk through the gate.

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