Saturday, May 2, 2009


No wonder it's only playing at one theater in the entire Greater Austin area. I mean, Jesus. You're going to be all particular about sticking to the details of the comic in so many little ways, and then decide to totally go off the reservation when it comes to the single most important plot point of all? Really? I mean, what the hell? Why, why? You couldn't devote 15 more minutes to exposition on the entire raison d'etre? I mean, it's like adapting MacBeth and deciding to leave Lady MacBeth out of it entirely. And while the casting of Dan and Laurie and Malcolm and even Rorschach were perfect, who the hell picked Veidt? And Big Figure? Is Danny Woodburn the only little person working in Hollywood these days? Man. Disappointing. And almost so not disappointing. Except for, you know, the single most important plot point in the entire friggin' story.

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