Monday, January 18, 2010

Day of Service

Well, he may have been over-scheduled, but this morning was wonderful. I'm so grateful that Thumper has extended family in his life that enjoy him and are willing to be involved with us. Freckles did an incredible job keeping him busy so that I could volunteer raking up leaves at a housing project. I wasn't sure how it would go, whether there would be any playground or anywhere else for him to be while I worked. I didn't know if the weather would cooperate. But I signed up thinking that if it was a complete disaster, we could always leave.

It was about as far from a disaster as we could get, though. I had a great time working together with a lovely young lady named Jill. She and I pooled our efforts, and I have to say, we were smokin' all those other volunteers. The two of us amassed an impressive mountain of bags full of leaves, we had fun doing it, and I got some good exercise without going to the gym. Freckles came prepared with a bag of balls, toys, snacks, and more, and she and Thumper explored, played tag, checked out the playground, and even helped scoop up a few handfuls of leaves for us now and again.

All in all, a most successful MLK Day of Service. I'd definitely do that again.

Maybe I should start a fitness club, call it Community Service Fitness. Instead of jogging together or working out in the gym together, we could all get together and volunteer ourselves for manual labor wherever we're needed. Might could work...

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Purelight said...

Beautiful. I'm proud to claim all three of you as mine. As a dad (and uncle) you set a fine example of the importance of giving in your community. Good work!

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