Wednesday, January 20, 2010

SAHD Conversation

He: What happened to your thumbs?

Me: I volunteered at the Housing Authority. I spent three hours on Monday raking and bagging leaves. I lost a little skin on the deal.

He: Why didn't you just use a leaf blower?

Me: I don't have a leaf blower.

He: What did you use?

Me: A rake.

He: Well, what do you use at your house?

Me: A rake.

He: ...

Me: We don't all have multi-acre spreads, you know.

He: I don't have multi-acres. "Multi" means double digits. I've only got 5 acres.

Me: I don't even have one acre.

He: Well, next time, let me know. You can borrow mine. It's gas, very powerful.


Logical Libby said...

You probably shovel snow by hand too.

I, Rodius said...

I certainly used to, but since moving from Boston to Austin, I haven't had to dig my car out of the driveway at 5 a.m. in a good ten years now. I guess that's a reasonable trade-off for living with mountain cedar pollen.

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