Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Get a Gaming Console to Lose Weight?

It's so crazy, it just might work!

And of course you must realize, I'm thinking of Jerry Seinfeld saying, "Have sex to save the relationship..."

Anyway, our DVD player has been making ominous grinding noises, and Aerie got $125 online gift card for doing a survey and previewing new software for a business and personal finance software company, and I like video games, and it was around the time of my birthday, so we started thinking maybe it was a good time to get a new gaming console. We were leaning towards a PS3 because it can play DVDs and stream Netflix movies and because I love my PS2 and because Grand Theft Auto stopped making new titles for PS2. But I was also thinking of the Wii because, hello, Mario Kart.

But then Aerie expressed an interest in the Wii and Wii Fit as a way to play together, get a little activity in the evenings, and to have an alternative to the treadmill, which can get a little boring. So tada! We got a Wii.

We got the console before the balance board and Fit Plus arrived, so I spent a few days obsessing over it and setting up the wireless network and spending money I shouldn't on a wireless keyboard and old NES and N64 games and the "classic controller" that will let me play them, etc. You can spend a lot of money on Wii games and accessories if you lose your head.

But the balance board and Fit Plus finally arrived, and I set them up last night. First good thing: it says I weigh 10 pounds less than the bathroom scale. Bonus! Right out of the box, and I've already lost 10 pounds! Unfortunately, it says my "fit age" or something like that is 47. So I lost 10 pounds, but I also lost 9 years. I guess it's a wash.

My motivation has been very low since a little before Thanksgiving. I stopped using weights at the gym in hopes that it would give my shoulder a chance to heal, but daily activity, like carrying my giant toddler when I'm in a hurry and he wants to examine every dirty-black piece of gum stuck to the sidewalk, is still aggravating it. The treadmill gets tedious. The bikes don't give me as effective a workout in the same time frame. I stopped counting points, and it's hard to start again. I think I'm going to like having a machine that turns push ups and running in place into a competitive activity, and encourages me to weigh in and work towards a weight loss goal. I'm not into the public weigh-ins aspect of Weight Watchers, or the group encouragement, but my electronic trainer is kind of fun. I hope this gives me the push I need toward the next twenty pounds.

UPDATE: Day 2, and I've gained 7 pounds. How is it that my weight can fluctuate so wildly in 24 hours on 2 different bathroom scales and a brand new Wii balance board? Interestingly, it also decided my Fit Age was 33 today. So I gained seven pounds, and became 5 years younger. or 14, if you consider I was 47 just yesterday...


Jennie said...

As a girl formerly OBSESSED with my weight (now just lower-case interested), I can tell you that my weight used to fluctuate 10-13 lbs per day on the same scale. I guess you're not supposed to weigh yourself every day - it's supposed to be once a week, and at the same time each time. That way, you're not seeing all the normal fluctuations and you're getting a more accurate reading than changing what time of day you weigh yourself. That help?

Purelight said...

Sounds like this could drive a person nutty! Are you having FUN with the new toys? Seems like that's the main deal, so just enjoy. If you happen to lose a pound, that's great.

I, Rodius said...

I know I'm not supposed to look every day, but it's still fascinating to me in a "conservation of mass" sort of way. If you can't create or destroy mass, where the hell does it go and come from?

Yes, I'm having fun. My electronic trainer said he was impressed with my push ups and ranked me "bodybuilder!" He also likes to point out when my legs are shaky, though. Jerk.

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