Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Huzzah! Also, Boo!

It wasn't as tough at the gym today as it was on Monday, and I was able to run continuously for a complete 5K. After Monday, I wasn't expecting to be able to do that for another couple of weeks, so that's exciting. I ran mostly on a flat incline, but I finished with a short sprint and felt good afterward. Also, I weighed in 2 pounds lighter than Monday, and despite what I said yesterday, I did not drink anything last night except water. I know it's only the middle of my third day, but so far I'm meeting all of my goals and exceeding my expectations.

Good enough.

Also, Jungle Java, our favorite indoor playground closed a couple of months ago. Thumper finally asked me today, "Can we go to the jungle place with the pretend animals on the walls?" When I told him it was closed down for good, he had a hard time understanding the concept.

"But we can go later."

"No, it's closed for always."

"But we can go to a different Jungle Java."

No, there aren't any other ones. That the was the only one."

I tried and tried to explain it, until at last he said, "I think Jungle Java is in jail."

Good enough.

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