Sunday, January 23, 2011

Start Again

I recall from my adolescence when my father and I watched British comedies on PBS each Sunday night that there was an episode of Monty Python in which the voice over would periodically throughout the episode say, "Start again..." and the title sequence would run again and the show would start afresh.

Yeah, my weight loss saga is kind of like that.

Tomorrow I will be returning to the gym after a 6 1/2-week absence. I've eaten whatever I wanted during that time and have no doubt I've gained 10 or more pounds in the interim. I ultimately want to take a look into the Paleo Diet and see if it's right for me. I heard about this diet from Le Trevolution! whose transformation since I first met him has been inspiring. I suspect some of my respiratory troubles may come from my diet, and I want to see if eliminating dairy and grains helps. I haven't done the work to become informed and plan ahead for that yet, though, so this week my goals are: exercise 3 or 4 days, count Weight Watchers points (on the old Flex plan, because who has the time or money to keep up with Weight Watchers constantly changing plans?), and not to drink on weekdays.

So I've put some numbers on the sidebar that I hope will help keep me motivated. Here's to 200 in 2012!


anne said...

best of luck to you, mr. rodius - i have been consistently lurking but not commenting lately. i wish you well on your latest endeavor. thumper sure is cute!

I, Rodius said...

Thanks, Anne. I was sure there was no one left reading it except my mom since I haven't posted as frequently and have posted fewer cute Thumper stories. Thanks for sticking around!

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