Monday, December 3, 2007

The Suspense Is Killing Me; I Hope It Lasts

By the way, that's a reference to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Mom.

You know that moment? The moment when the cat spews an unbelievably vast lake of vomit across the carpet? You and your wife look at each other, and there's that long, long pause. It's a beautiful moment because it contains both the best and the worst in you. It's a similar moment to when you both know, without question, that the baby's just filled his diaper. You might step up and say, "I'll get it, honey." Or you might just wait. And wait. And wait until she says, "I'll get it, honey." Sometimes that moment is filled with the frantic mental calculations of which way the balance of the household labor is currently tilted; sometimes you'll claim it without a second thought. You just never know until it's over which version of you will show up.


anniemcq said...

Oh, Lordy this is funny. Or sad?....

Nope! it's funny.

PureLight said...

Hey, thanks for the info on the title. It often happens that I don't know what the heck you are talking about, so feel free to put in the little bits of clarification whenever you think I might need some help. I didn't get the Cash Cab stuff in the previous blog--I just take in what I can and ignore the rest.
Love ya,

Franklin5 said...

Have fully intended to comment on this post for, well, two weeks now:

Genius. That's what this is: pure genius.

Love, love reading about The Thumper, whose smooshy adorableness is irrefutable, but cat vomit?

Totally gets my vote for a Perfect Post.

Anonymous said...

It's also a line from the first Willy Wonka which came before RHPS. Not sure if it is from the book. Just FYI

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