Friday, November 30, 2007

Tonight's Entry 100% Maudlin-Free!

Thanks for the encouragement, you guys. I was feeling tired and bleak, but as usually happens, I wrote about it, and he changed it. Today was a great day, so don't cry for me, Argentina. I got a momentary glimpse or two at what happy tummy time might someday look like. He gave me belly laughs for blowing raspberries on the bottoms of his feet. He helped me do some work in the back yard. He did some vocal experimentation with tone and volume. He achieved excellence in bouncing with his Fisher Price Deluxe Jumperoo, which, since cheapness counts, I got third-hand on Craigslist for $15. If you're keeping track, that's a $50 savings. The electronic music and flashing lights don't work, but that's practically an additional selling point to me. For his sake, I made a good-faith effort to fix the problem, but failure was not too heart-breaking. So all's well in Thumperland; sorry for getting all mopey, but that's what happens when I have to blog every single day.

More importantly, though, there's a question that has been pressing heavily on my mind every day this week:

Is that real money on Cash Cab? It can't be, right? I mean, they wouldn't really send people out into the streets of New York at two in the morning waving around a fan of hundreds, yelling, "$1300!" Would they? Are they just begging for some criminal mastermind, a la Robert DeNiro in Heat, to jack the cab?

So I once again consulted the great and powerful oracle, and for once am disappointed to find an answer. Not only is not real cash, but they don't get paid on the spot at all. They are mailed a check with the appropriate taxes withheld. So not only no cash in the "Cash Cab," but no instant gratification at all. No blowing their winnings at the club or bar or restaurant or comedy club they were already headed to. I'm sad, and it may have ruined the show for me. We'll see on Monday. It's up against Oprah, so it's probably safe, but there is always Jeopardy!, too. It's too close to call at this particular juncture.


anniemcq said...

Glad things are improving. They almost always do. And honestly, there is nothing better than a baby belly laugh. Nothing.

I have no idea what Cash Cab is, because around here we pretty much live on Jeopardy! We're pretty disappointed though, 'cause JH got that Jeopardy! dvd game from G&G for his birthday, but hooking it up, well, you need a Doctorate in electronics or something. It's not working at all, so we're getting a little tense.

Hey, if you have time today, I'm having a Christmas party on my blog - come on over and have a drink and bring the family! Since it's only online, there will be no horrible small talk! I'm not even sure if it will work, but I needed something to get me in the Christmas frame of mind, so I thought I'd see if it might work.

Jennie said...

THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT TOO!!!! I was like, "Those guys are gonna get jumped if they don't shut up about how much money they have!"

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