Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Volunteering Possibilities

Volunteering with an 18-month-old may be a tougher proposition than I expected. I contacted a local Volunteer Center and spoke with a Volunteer Coordinator, and she seemed quite optimistic that we could find something. Here are the ideas she had. So far, she's only given me contact info for the first one. I'll keep trying and see what we can come up with.

1. Elderhaven Adult Day Health Care Centers

I spoke to the Director, and she sounded far less optimistic that there would be something I could do while simultaneously keeping the boy out of trouble. She's particularly concerned that the old folks might trip over him. When the weather's nicer, she wants me to come by and see the facility, and maybe there's something we can do outside.

2. The Care Communities

3. Meals on Wheels

4. Texas Baptist Children's Home

5. Austin Children's Museum


Karen said...

I think it's AWESOME you are wanting to volunteer with your son! If you can't find a nonprofit to go to on-site, here are a few thoughts on how you can contribute together from home: Paint'helping hand-prints' on reusable grocery bags, then donate them to Caritas or the Capital Area Food Bank (even better if filled). Prepare care packages for the Troops overseas - he can help fill the boxes and decorate. www.usaservice.org/page/content/kids

When your son gets a little older, please check out our free eBook with Family-Friendly Volunteering ideas - www.VolunteerSpot.com/ebooks . We'd love to hear about your experiences on our blog. GOOD LUCK!!

She Said said...

Seriously, you are a rock star. My kids are 3 and 5, and I want them to learn about volunteering but I've been too unsure of their behavior to do it. If I had a Bic, I'd hold it up for you right now, man.

Karen said...

Thanks! You're the rock star - a wonderful role model for your kids!! Please tell your friends about us at VolunteerSpot - we've got a (free) simple scheduler for setting up a playdate host schedule and 'mommy meals' for new moms....plus all kinds of community volunteering - PTA/PTO, Scouts, swim team, etc. http://www.VolunteerSpot.com

I, Rodius said...

Thanks for the good ideas, Karen. I appreciate it. I'm trying to find ways to donate what we do have, which is time, and not what we don't, which is money. I'll take a look at your page for more ideas.

I'm hardly a rock star, Ms. Moyle. Maybe when I actually accomplish something, then I'll qualify.

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