Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend in Review

What a weekend. The entire family, even the Florida branch, got together to celebrate the birthday of the Matriarch Formerly Known as Purelight. The last time we all got together, there were sixteen of us. There were eighteen this time. We stayed at Great Wolf Lodge and had Birthday Dinner at Riverwalk Cafe at another giant resort right across the street.

It was great seeing the whole family and meeting or getting to know better some of the new additions. I think I missed some good conversations because of chasing Thumper around, but as Mom said in her birthday night speech, we're all connected not just to her but to each other. Renewed contact keeps those connections live, and I'm glad we (almost) all made it. Thanks badkitty812, Pirate71, and all you other non-commenting family lurkers, and even *gasp* non-blog-reading family members. It was good reconnecting.

And now of course, returning to my narrow focus: this Thumper kid amazes me. I fret and worry about things like the long drives to and from, and the sleeping in the hotel room, and the missing of naps, the staying up late, etc. etc., and he handles it all with grace, charm, humor, and patience. He loved nearly every minute in the pool, in the lobby, in the hallways, playing with his cousins, his aunts and uncles, his grandparents, perfect strangers, the guy vacuuming the lobby in the morning.

We made him skip a nap the day of the drive to the resort so that he'd sleep most of the 3 1/2 hours, but he only slept one hour and spent the rest of the time playing and chatting and singing. He did the same on the drive home again. I can't figure out how we got so lucky with this kid. Part of me wants to take credit, saying that it's because we did the right thing having a stay-at-home parent for him and giving him a solid schedule that makes him secure enough to be able to deviate from it now and again. But really, I think we're just lucky. Sometimes I get weird, paranoid twinges when I think about how wonderful he is, and I think of parents of children murdered or killed by horrible diseases. They always say what a joy the child was, what a spark, how he brought light into the world. And I think he's too perfect, he can't last, I'll lose him. What can I say, I've got a dark side. The kid is unbelievable in a way I can't believe I deserve.

And lastly, I have to just mention this: I went to bed before 10 o'clock last night. I know, that makes me officially an old fart, but it was a tiring weekend. So I was about as dead asleep as I could be when Aerie decided to come to bed around 11:30. I woke to her cuddled up against me, softly kissing me. She whispered, "I need you to come listen to something." So I dragged myself back up to consciousness and tried to pay attention. She told me that when she turned off the living room light, an alarm went off. She couldn't figure out what it was. It sounded sort of like the UPS on the computer, but not quite, and she was afraid the house was going to burn down. We went out to the living room. She turned the light off, and sure enough, there was a strange sound. I staggered back toward the bedroom.

"It's the puzzle," I said.

Gummas and Gumpa got Thumper a Melissa & Doug Vehicles Sound Puzzle for Christmas. A sensor (apparently a light sensor) knows when a piece is placed, and it makes a sound. The cruise ship piece was askew, and when Aerie turned off the light, it fired off the ship's foghorn, convincing Aerie that danger was imminent.

When she came back to bed, she was giggling hysterically. She apologized for waking me. And then she made it worth my while.


Anonymous said...

Ok So I am a lurker. THere are worse things to be you know (like an employee :)). It was a great time!

I, Rodius said...

'Zat you, Uggy Buggy?

anniemcq said...

Oh, I love this post. And I have to tell you - your fear about it being too good to last? I have that too. Many, if not most, do I think. I think it's nature's way of keeping us on alert. You are such a wonderful father, and you and Aerie are both are doing such a beautiful job raising Thumper.

Glad to hear Aerie made it worth your while. Keep that spark alive, baby!

She Said said...

Going to bed before 10 is the official definition of old fart? Boy, I'm in trouble.

I, Rodius said...

anniemcq - thanks for the validation, and I'm glad she did too!

She Said - Well, I don't how official it is, but my 22 y.o. self wouldn't be impressed.

badkitty812 said...

It was a wonderful weekend wasn't it? I love our family and am amazed at how accepting, kind and resilient we all are. It speaks so well of the two wonderful people who raised us up! It was a rough drive back for us but well worth it for the experience and chance to be with the ones I love.

As for your feelings about Thumper, they are perfectly normal. I was to the point of neurotic with K. He was the same type of child, soft, sweet, happy, joyful. Knowing my past, I knew he was too good for me, I did not deserve such a wonderful gift of a child. I watched him like a hawk, always with some voice in the back of my head that he was too good for me to be his mom. Well, we have made it to 14 years and he is still as wonderful, albeit not so soft and snuggly! (damn skinny genes). But I also felt that he was my payback for having his brother and not committing a post birth abortion (his term!). As one was difficult, the other was not. Kids!

And FYI, Pirate71 is still talking about Thumper. If we were closer you would have a ready babysitter at any moment from his auntie. She is a baby magnet and has tried to talk me into having another.

As if!!

I, Rodius said...

It was a great weekend! Thanks for making the trek. And thanks for the validation on my paranoia, though I can't believe you're telling me you're the model for normal! And tell Auntie Pirate she can come over and babysit any time.

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