Tuesday, October 16, 2007

First Day Jitters

Because today is my first day on the new job, and since Thumper spent most of his non-eating, waking hours yesterday fussing, here are a few good things to remind me that not all days are like yesterday:

He wakes up smiling, like he's just so happy to see us again. Even when he's crying because he hasn't eaten in eight hours, he smiles while he cries.

He loves getting his diaper changed. Laying him on the table and ripping that first piece of velcro almost always makes him grin.

He is fascinated by watching me eat. I'm not sure what he's thinking, but he studies up like there's going to be a test.

He has slept through every night since he decided it was a good thing to do. One day he wasn't, the next he was, and he's done it every night since. Sometimes he's up late, and sometimes he's awake early, but still, no 3am feedings for a few weeks now.

And really, do they come any cuter?


anniemcq said...

I love that you're writing about this. It is sooo precious, this time, and it goes so quickly. I almost started my next sentence with "I remember like it was yesterday", but I'll spare you. Just know that you are wise to chronical it, to enjoy every atom of his little babyness. I have loved every stage more than the last, but reading this, I ached to have a little one in my arms. Thanks for starting my day off with such a nice feeling.

anne said...

How can someone so small have so much personality in just one little face?

Great picture - thanks for sharing!

SUV mom said...

He is seriously cute! Have a great time with him. :) BTW: when you're eating he's probably wondering when the hell he'll get good stuff like that. LOL! Hope Mrs. R's transition back to work is going well.

Lisa said...

Thumper is SERIOUSLY cute- love that grin. And he probably wants what you are eating!

Franklin5 said...

I so want to write a witty, verbose reply... but after gazing upon the happy mug of Rodius, Jr., I am reduced to the following:


Your boy too cute oh so so cute. Me smile large now, make for to want new baby. Man I love say no way and please for you to share no more pictures thank you kind sir.

Or something like that.

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