Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hasty Halloween!

I intended to nap with Thumper this morning, but then Martha Stewart came on the Today show and inspired me. Not that what I did even remotely resembles anything she was doing, but she filled me with a sense of my responsibility as a homeowner and a parent to participate in seasonal festivities. So Thumper and I made some good ol' fashioned homemade Halloween decorations, by which I mean he slept long enough to allow me to make some good ol' fashioned homemade Halloween decorations. I was ever aware of the naptime countdown clock ticking away in the other room, so they're a little hastily made. But since cheapness counts, they were made with materials on hand. Of course, I didn't make the sash around the door; that's left over from last year. We finished moving into the house two or three days before Halloween, and we needed something to signal our state of candy-readiness to the new neighbors. I made the rest of it though. I used the pad of construction paper I bought a few years ago when I made paper roses for Mrs. Rodius for Valentines Day. That pad didn't have any black in it, perhaps because that would be too depressing a color for young minds to handle, or maybe because the black's faded in the intervening years. So the cat and bats are more like a purply-brown color, but I don't think that detracts from their Halloweeny splendor. I might even do a real jack-o-lantern this weekend. You can't do those things too far in advance around here, as jack-o-lanterns take about ten minutes to rot in balmy Central Texas. We do loves us some roasted pumpkin seeds, though.

Hasty Halloween, y'all!


PureLight said...

I love that you have become such an enthusiastic participant in all things childlike--what fun! The rotting Texas jack-o-lantern phenomenom was a shock to me too. The solution is to leave the guts in and paint the face on. It lasts a good long time that way, though it loses a lot of the tradition.
Happy First Halloween, Thumper!

The Nanny said...

I'm extremely impressed. During my little one's naptime, all I try to do is sleep too, nevermind Martha. But those decorations are worth it!

anniemcq said...

Rodi, you're my kinda dad. I love this entry. And I LOVE your decorations!

BadKitty said...

Congrats on your expressions of Halloween craftitude! I fully endorse all things crafty. I, myself, spent last Saturday hanging lights and creating door garlands and a black rose wreath for my door! We bought pumpkins but, like you, will not carve them until perhaps the day before. Florida rots them as quickly as Texas! Ewwww!! Happy first Daddy Halloween! Have you gotten your costumes ready yet?

SUV mom said...

Well I am impressed! My husband was home for three months and accomplished nothing. Oh, unless you count perfecting Tiger Woods golf on Playstation. Well done IR. It appears this sahd thing is perfect for you. :) Have a hasty halloween!

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