Monday, October 22, 2007

Week One in Review

All in all, a pretty good first week on the job:

We took four walks. I even got over my fear of a screaming infant in public and took him the full three-mile loop. He slept through the entire thing, but I could tell he thought the parts with the sand-and-gravel trails were a little unnecessary.

I did ten minutes of yoga; Rodney Yee may have been a little ambitious a choice, though.

We went on our first playdate with the Austin Stay-at-Home Dads. They seemed like a great bunch. The majority of kids were boys in the 2-year-old range, so in about a year, they'll be the kids that Thumper desperately wants to be like and follows all over the playground. There are members with kids Thumper's age, but we haven't met them yet. We'll try to make another playdate this week.

I got a couple of things checked off my List of Things I'll Get Around to Someday, like laying down brick under the gate, apparently successfully thwarting that damn dog that likes to crap in my yard. I also dug up the stupid footpath that used to run from the deck stairs to the shed. When Pops and I screened in that deck, though, we moved the stairs, so the path ran from a flower bed to the shed. And besides it was made of loose, uneven stones, so if somebody actually decided to walk on it, he would be in grave danger of spraining an ankle.

I worked my first event as a part-time usher at the 17,000 seat arena. It was a small, polite crowd, perfect for my first event. I worked the door, scanning tickets, and so help me, it was actually fun!

Thumper is staring at me. He fell asleep in light and noise, and woke up when I put him in dark and quiet. Go figure. I guess I still need to figure out how to fit this whole blogging thing in, what with the dishes and diapers and laundry and cooking and walking and whatnot. It's frankly amazing their are so many parenting blogs out there. How do you people fit it in??


Minivan mom said...

It's quicker (and cheaper) than trying to fit in an hour therapy session.


suttonhoo said...

trust in Yee. he won't let you down.


but seriously: a yoga studio would be a great idea too -- those DVDs will only take you so far -- with a hands on instructor you can push yourself farther.

(yoga maniac tucking her fervor away now)

Jen said...

how do we fit it in?

now. at night. when the house is asleep. and we should be too.

but it's like booze. or drugs. you sit down to check your email once more

and look up two hours later, and realize you've only hurt yourself.

but you do it again the next night.

therapy? absolutely! but we might need therapy to get AWAY from blogging!

anniemcq said...

I don't know about the rest of you, but I just ignore my child.


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