Saturday, August 16, 2008

Berlitz Thumper-to-English Dictionary

Abuh - button.
Ba - bath.
Badu - bottle.
Bah - bottle.
Ball - ball.
Bay - bear.
Bee - bee.
Beebee - baby.
Bej - badge.
Blehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - banana.
Bok - sound made by a chicken.
Book - book.
Boom - balloon.
Boon - balloon.
Bowl - bowl.
Bubbo - bubbles.
Buh - button.
Bup - belch.
Bush - brush.
Butt - button.
Bye - birdie.
Bye bye - goodbye.
Cheesh - cheese.
Chew - shoe.
Cock - cup.
Cook - cookie.
Cookoo - cookie.
Cuh - cup.
Dadu - father.
Dah - dog.
Dah - squirrel.
Do - juice.
Duck - duck.
Dung - tongue.
Eee - ear.
Eee - eat.
Eee i eee i - Old MacDonald Had A Farm.
Eye - eye.
Gah - glasses.
Gahgoo - gargle.
Hah - hat.
Hah - hot.
Joosh - juice.
Key - cat.
Knee - knee.
Lie - light.
Mama (softly) - mother.
Mamamamama (emphatically) - more.
Mmm - sound made by a car.
Moh - more.
Moo - sound made by a cow.
Moomp - broom.
Mungo - grandmother.
Nie nie - goodnight.
No - nose.
Nonononononono (emphatically) - no.
Oh - sound made by a cat.
Papa - grandfather.
Poop - excrement.
Pop - Justin Roberts' "Pop Fly"
Puck - cat.
Puck - Puck.
Tash - trash.
Tash - Tasha.
Teesh - teeth.
Tiku tiku - tickle.
Toe - toes.
Tut - flatulence.
Uh - up.
Uh - uh oh.


Jennie said...

WOW. Even though one of my favorite words as a toddler was "commercial", I read some of these and thought, "My God, this kid knows some pretty esoteric words for a baby!" How often does he talk about brooms?

I, Rodius said...

A week before his birthday, he helped his Mama clean the house for Auntie's baby shower. Ever since then, he grabs it whenever he sees it in the laundry room.

suttonhoo said...

brilliant and precious. I'm grinning like an idiot.

I, Rodius said...

Oh, thanks. He's a lot of fun. Now if he'd just stop leaking runny poop all over the place. It's seriously affecting his preciousness factor.

Jennie said...

I already have a favorite other person's baby, but the cheeks on Thumper just beg to be kissed into oblivion. He is very cute, especially from Ohio, where I can't smell him.

anniemcq said...

You are going to be so happy you have this in a few years. I ran across a list I made of JH's words at the T-Man's age, (they were checking on him because of his giant head), and it brought so much back.
Thumper is such a smart guy.

I, Rodius said...

@jennie, kiss away, he loves to flirt with the ladies. And maybe he's not so smelly now. He's had 2 definitely solid not-running-down-his-leg poops, and a bath. Hooray!

@anniemcq, I often feel like I'm blogging directly to family or directly to the imaginary archivist. I'll have to scrapbook the blog some day, so I can look back. Do you ever read through back issues of your blog?

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