Thursday, August 7, 2008


Hey! 100 words sounds fun! Of course, I've sort of been doing this anyway with my copywriting assignments. Tell someone who gets paid by the word to write something 75-100 words long, and guess how many words you'll get? Anyway, I saw Mr. Lady do it first, but it comes from Velvet Verbosity. I think I'll do it.


He's a stand-up guy, a pillar of his community. He's a professional. He always replaces the divots at business meetings. He shakes hands with his pastor Sunday mornings. He wears pressed polos and khakis to the grocery store Sunday afternoons. He wears brightly colored lycra jerseys when he rides his bike. He prefers ones with Italian words silk-screened. He tells people how they wick away moisture. But sometimes, just sometimes, in the dead of the night, in the quiet glow of a flat-screen monitor, he burns with desire and shame, watching strange, hungry, male tongues lick strange, nyloned, female toes.


Mr Lady said...

Oh, man, you have to do this more often. Rawr.

I, Rodius said...

Thank you very much! I like the 100 words idea, and I'll keep doing it. Nothing's coming to mind for "Fresh" yet, though. I'll keep thinking about it this week. Thanks for pointing the way to Velvet Verbosity.

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