Monday, August 11, 2008

Fun With Headers

This was my first attempt at a header:

I liked it, but I discovered that I also liked messing around in Photoshop. I don't really know what I'm doing, but it's fun. So I played around and made this one with the ED01 brush set by KaliJean on

It made me chuckle. But where I photoshopped "I, Rodius" into it is pretty obvious, so that was kind of bugging me. And I got the feeling Aerie didn't really care for it. She didn't say she didn't like it, she just said she didn't "get it."

So I put up another one that I made a couple weeks ago using Dumpster Brushes by Dubtastic Design Labs and Physiology Brushes by Centric Studios, both of which I found on

The font is called "Astigma" by Mike Doughty at Mike's Sketchpad. Mike Doughty also happens to be the singer from Soul Coughing who I nearly got to meet backstage once, but didn't. I don't get the feeling it's the same guy, though. I think I may have overdone it with the physiology brushes, but oh well. I still like it.

So, sorry if I'm annoying you with the headers. I'm a kid with a new toy.


Living In a Girl's World said...

A kid in a candy store can be long as you don't have to take them back to your house! Have fun playing.

anniemcq said...

I LOVE the new look. I have to be really careful, because stuff like that can prevent me from getting anything done. Like showering and eating and taking care of my family.

I, Rodius said...

Yes, several naptimes have evaporated with me getting done none of what I intended, but hey! I found some cool Photoshop stuff!

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