Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Lookin' Good

One nap per day has given us much more flexibility in our morning routine lately. Today we gave blood and then went to an actual Austin Stay-at-Home Dads playdate. The group seems to be in a transitional period now since the kids of many of the original founders are school aged. There's been calls for new leadership to step up and take the reins. I ain't inclined to be the dude, though. But it was nice to talk with someone other than Thumper for a change.

So far today, three different people have all said, "Ah, eighteen months," in nearly identically wistful tones after I answered the question, "How old is he?" One was the phlebotomist, and two were the dads. They each described this age as "wonderful," "magical," and "the age that's so perfect you start thinking about having another one." Apparently, by 2 1/2, eighteen months is just the fading memory of a pleasant dream.

I've also heard four or five times today, "Wow, he talks a lot!"

It makes me think about what Aerie wrote the other day. In addition to the concerns about her health through another pregnancy, and our ability, or lack thereof, to afford a second child, I think we both share the feeling that we've won the lottery with Thumper. Once we were through those first 3 or 4 months, very little has gone wrong. He's healthy. He's smart. He's beautiful. He's funny and charming. He sleeps well. He eats well. He's active and inquisitive. There's just no way we could possibly win the lottery twice in a row. Is there?

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tricia said...

Each child is individual. The next might be a "prize" in so many different ways. What you are going thru emotionally is normal. You'll both figure it out.

livinginagirlsworld said...

I have to tell you that this picture is so incredibly adorable. I want to smoosh his cheeks and squeeze him - he is too cute! It almost makes me want to try for a boy...but that failed twice, so I think I'll stop with the 3 girls!

I, Rodius said...

Thanks, we will figure it out, and whatever we do, it'll be the right thing.

Speaking of boys vs. girls, I was kind of surprised yesterday when a mom asked me if Thumper was my only child, and when I said yes, she said, "Wow. First time, and you got a boy!" like that was what everyone dreams of. Strange thing for a woman to say, I thought.

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