Thursday, February 19, 2009

Yes, Sir!

I've been instructed to write a post. The Man has been remiss in his blogging because he has been busy taking care of a sick Thumper and working on some projects. I've been busy too, though, working hard to bring home the bacon, training a new investigator, taking care of a sick Thumper so the Man can work on projects, and trying to keep an orderly home and squeeze in some taking care of me things so I can continue to do all the other things. I'm doing my part to stimulate the economy by lining the pockets of my dentist and my podiatrist.

The dentist stuff is really quite boring (no pun intended) and the podiatrist stuff probably isn't too interesting either, unless you have some kind of foot fetish. Which, I was wondering aloud last night, is curious. What makes someone decide they want to handle feet all day? Or root around (again, no pun intended) in strangers' mouths every day? But, I digress. Or maybe not. Did I really have a point to start with? I, Rodius asked me to write a post...YOU get what HE asked for.

Oh, the podiatrist. In early April, I am looking forward to not ONE, but TWO foot surgeries. Within a week of each other. Woo hoo! I'll be off work and yet, not off work, for 2 to 3 weeks. Surely, I'll at least get some good Scooby Snacks (pain killers).

And speaking of Scooby Snacks...half of my day today was spent trying to figure out a solution to the following highly regulated problem. Got a guy who is legally getting roughly $8000 worth of medications a month. Three different exceptionally strong opiates (pain killers). And yet, a random urinalysis comes back negative for opiates. Um, yeah...think he might be selling them? But, he has a legal prescription... Cut him of from the meds? Can you smell lawsuit? Prove he's selling them? Yeah, Dateline never airs the unsuccessful attempts, which greatly outweigh the successful results. Media makes it look so easy... in actuality, it's very intensive and frustrating.

So, there you are, I, Rodius. I wrote a post to keep the blog current. Maybe interesting, maybe not. But, done.


I, Rodius said...

Thanks, I'm having blog withdrawal. I've twice in the last couple weeks had bloggy dreams. Once I dreamed that I was having dinner with Laid-Off Dad, who looked just like George Carlin, and once I dreamed that I was walking alongside a highway with Mr. Lady, ducking into culverts to avoid former co-workers of mine.

Lisa L said...

I wonder if the guy used someone else's urine? It happens..

Aerie said...

Lisa L: That does happen. More so when someone is trying to hide illegal drugs they are taking. It would be extremely unlikely in this case because it was a random screen - he didn't know ahead of time he was going to have a test. Also, the other medications he receives did show up in his urine. In my line of work, you really need to look for the most innocuous explanation first or you end up with mud on your face. I am careful, thorough and fair. Recently let a doctor off the hook as long as he paid back what he stole. He admitted he was wrong and he was a likeable guy with a young family. People can convince themselves that what they are doing is fine and everyone else does it.... What really saved him was that he hadn't hurt any patients. I'm a pittbull if you lie, cheat and steal with flagrant disregard for the welfare of others.

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