Thursday, January 24, 2008

First Date

The Austin Stay-at-Home Dads group is great, and I anticipate it's going to become an invaluable resource for me as Thumper and I move along in our journey together. Right now, though, all of the scheduled playdates are groups of toddlers playing at various indoor and outdoor playgrounds. It's kind of fun to watch, but Thumper's not quite ready to crunch through the gravel with them. And since they're all scheduled for smack dab in the middle of his morning nap, we don't really go to that many.

Another Infant Wrangler joined the group recently, though, and he and his 4-month-old daughter are coming over in a couple of hours for a playdate. I'm excited! I'm nervous! Should I have made food? I swept and vacuumed. I can make coffee, but the only creamer I have for it is soy milk. I hope he doesn't think I'm an idiot. I'd love to find out how he's doing this whole baby raisin' thing. Is she crawling yet? Can she give Thumper a few tips? Did I mention I'm nervous?

A girlfriend for Thumper! He's had no interaction with other infants, but he loves the baby in the mirror. Poor Thumper; his only friend lives in the mirror. I wonder how he'll react? Is this the beginning of a lifelong friendship? Will they get married? That's too much pressure for the boy. Let's just hope he doesn't scratch her eyes out. I cut his nails this morning, just in case.


Anonymous said...

I think it's awesome that there is support out there for SAHDs.

I never felt comfortable with the whole playdate thing - partially because I never felt comfortable as a SAHM, and partially because it always struck me as odd that I should be hanging out with women just because we both happened to have procreated. I have many SAHM friends who swear they owe their sanity to mom groups and playdates and that social SAHM network, but it just never did it for me - I did gamely try a few, and always felt uncomfortable and fake the whole time.

With that pep talk, I hope you hit it off with your fellow SAHD and that Thumper and his new gal pal roll gleefully around the floor together. Something that I'm sure you WON'T want him doing in 15 years.

Lisa said...

I am one of those SAHM's that Tracey mentions in her comment. Although, I have to say that I don't hang out with these other moms just b/c we both procreated. The moms that I really like hanging around with are the ones that I click with, that have similar backgrounds as I do, and that my kids like their kids. To be honest, there is a very short list of other moms that I hang out with on a regular basis. No offense TR! I hope you guys have a wonderful playdate, although at this age, you will be able to plant the babies in one place and they will still be there until you move them around, ha ha. I wouldn't worry about Thumper- with you as his daddy and the Mrs as his mommy, I am positive he will do just fine. And he will make friends too!

Anonymous said...

No, I didn't mean that you (Lisa) do that, but that the premise of mom's groups are to hang out with other women who have children. Of course the hope is that you gain friends and a social network, but for me, it's hard to go into that situation just hoping I will hit it off when the only thing I most likely have in common with other women are that we have children.

No offense taken...I'm assuming I'm on that short list. :)

I don't consider hanging out with you a playdate - we're friends, who happen to have daughters the same age!

Sorry to hog the blog, Rodius.

suttonhoo said...

must. have. update.

at your convenience, of course.

but honestly: I'm at the edge of my seat.

I, Rodius said...

Hog away, TR. I'm happy to have my comment count driven up by any means necessary. One comment. Two comments. Three comments. Four comments. Five comments. Five comments! Ah ha ha ha ha!

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