Monday, January 14, 2008

Two Instances of Cuteness

Instance One:

I ushered at a basketball game yesterday. A three-year-old boy and his parents came out of the arena through one set of doors (known as vomitories to those of us in the show business) and began walking down the concourse to the restrooms. When they started to pass the next set of doors back into the arena, the little boy climbed up the couple of steps to the door.

"No, honey, we're going this way," said his mother, reaching for his hand.

"But I want to see THIS game now," he replied, pointing toward the door.

"That's the same game we were just watching," she answered. He furrowed his brow, and like Nigel Tufnel explaining that this one goes to eleven, he said again, "But I want to see THIS game."

Instance Two of the Cuteness can be found here and here.

Congratulations, Minivan Mom, and thanks for the mention. Does it bug you that you're MORE Than a Minivan Mom, but you frequently get abbreviated to Minivan Mom? These are the questions that keep me up at night.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't bug me at all - usually I think I am "more" than a minivan mom only in the grandiosity of my imagination.

Like, maybe if I title my blog that, and really, really, really BELIEVE it to be true, then it is.

I write, therefore I am.

The reality? I am currently an unemployed, over-educated, mom to 3 with a rapidly dwindling savings account and no prospects on the horizon. And I have 2 minivans sitting in my driveway.

Yeah...I'm a minivan mom.

anne said...

Love the Spinal Tap reference, love the photos!

Thumper looks more "little-boyish" and less "babyish" now - I am sure the hair has everything to do with it.

Thanks for sharing!

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