Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Baby

Thumper finally encountered someone this weekend who was impervious to his charms, who did not, in fact, find him the least bit cute: his three-year-old Houston cousin. Let's call him Vroom. Vroom's six-year-old sister, Princess, giggled at Thumper's antics, offered him toys and books, and helped entertain him while I changed his diaper. Vroom, on the other hand, threw small objects at Thumper when he thought no one was watching. He pushed him over. He snatched toys from his hand, and really, who could blame him? They were Vroom's own toys, after all. He even had a little backsliding on the potty training front. Poor guy. He was clearly used to being the baby, and he didn't appreciate some young punk horning in on his territory.

When we accompanied his father and him on a walk to the park Saturday afternoon, he said, "No, just you and me, Da Da." Later Saturday night, he tapped me on the shoulder and asked, "You go bye-bye now?" I sadly told him no, we weren't going bye-bye now, but we'd definitely go bye-bye tomorrow. This seemed to satisfy him. And when at last the moment came and he knew for sure that he was about to see the back of that horrible baby, he even gave Thumper a hug and kiss goodbye. Then he gave me a high five.

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anniemcq said...

Wow! What a vocabulary for such a little guy! And, hello...potty training? Already? Is he a genius or what?

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