Thursday, May 1, 2008


I got this in an email from the Austin Stay-at-Home Dads today. I briefly considered writing a post about it, but then I realized I really just didn't care. I read a lot about perceptions and misperceptions and judgments about SAHD's, but I haven't encountered any myself. And what if I did? Mrs. Rodius and I do what works for us. What else really matters? But anyway, here it is for your consideration. Maybe some of you can work up a good righteous indignation. But I do wonder, why does she tie this to SAHD-ism when the guy identifies himself as a stay-at-home husband and never once mentions children?


Jennie said...

'Cause he says "It's great for the kids." But I just skimmed to that point and then X-ed out before reading further. Lame.

Minivan Mom said...

No righteous indignation, just confusion.

What does that even have to do with being a SAHD? It seems completely irrelevant. Are we supposed to be surprised that a SAHD could cheat on his wife as readily as a working husband? Is that supposed to be somehow representative of SAHDs?


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