Monday, May 5, 2008

The Weekend Reviewed in a Series of Unrelated Sentences

Little old ladies watching their grandkids' commencement are sweet. Mostly.

It's endearing how bad Mrs. Rodius is with directions. She called me four times for help driving 9 1/2 miles on Saturday. God love her.

Biggest Brother, Big Brother, and I spent the best night out that I can recall in recent history. It was deeply satisfying to get to know Biggest Brother a little better, and all three of us discovered some common ground we didn't know we had. And we stayed out talking so long, we actually got kicked out of a bar when it closed. Crazy! That's way past my bedtime!

Thanks, Mrs. Rodius, for getting up with the baby at 7 a.m. on Sunday. You are way nicer to me than I deserve.

This is only our second summer in this house, and already my yardwork standards have gone waaaaay down. At least I'm still edging! I wish I hadn't recently watched Kinison's first appearance on Letterman. All I can think about now while I mow and trim and edge and weed is, "My life was so boring, I actually worried about my yard. The rest of my friends had goals, careers, visions, doing things with life. I was out there looking for crabgrass, weeds and stuff, going, 'I have a responsibility to the neighborhood....'"

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Mrs. Rodius said...


I'm not saying it's untrue - I am bad with directions, but one of those calls was to tell you that, indeed, they had changed the name on the street sign. Mapquest said it was called Lime Creek Road and when you approach it from the opposite direction there is a sign that says "Lime Creek Road next signal."

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