Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fast, Day Four

Fast, schmast. I ate lunch today. I just wasn't getting the same charge out of it. I was just getting tired. Of course, dragging 1,000 lbs. of garden stones through my yard yesterday probably didn't help. What kind of idiot does that when he hasn't eaten in three days?

Anyway, when I saw this, I decided my blahg needed a makeover. But then I decided if I was going to try to make it look all professional and whatnot, I ought to stick it on a custom domain name instead of the blogspot address. So I tried. And failed. And tried again. And I think I got it. If in 48 hours, doesn't redirect you to a custom domain, then uh, I guess I still failed.

In other news: Thanks, Pops! We had a great time the past couple of days. The fast may not have recharged me, but having you come into town and tell me that I'm doing a good job with the boy and a good job with his cousins meant a lot. I don't know if I will be able to parlay it into a renewed sense of purpose and a pumped up sense of motivation, but it's definitely something. Glad the tornadoes didn't get you!

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anniemcq said...

I'm coming to this fast late, and I give you many props. I could no more go one day without food than, well, I could go without coffee.

Although I should. I really should.

Hope you're feeling better.

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