Sunday, March 9, 2008

Come On, Honey!

I just finished another 17-hour day ushering. My favorite part of the boys' high school basketball championships today: a raspy-voiced woman in my section was very vocal in her support for the Hornets, but when she worked the word "Hornets" through her sticky, sweet Southern accent, it came out honey. She was the perfect counterpoint to the lusty cries of her compatriots:


"Come on, Honey!"

"Rebound! Aw, get the rebounds, now!"

"Let's go, Honey!"

"Call the foul, ref!"

"It's okay, Honey!"

She was very loving and supportive. What more could you want in a Booster?

My other favorite part: after the last game of the night, the friends and family of the winning team are usually loathe to leave the building. They linger. They take pictures. They chat. They take more pictures. But tonight, a Mexican Free-Tailed Bat dropped out of the rafters and made a few low passes over the crowd of loiterers. Suddenly, the crowd thinned precipitously. I think we ought to keep a couple of them there bats in cages for just such occasions. Swoop, swoop. My, is that the time?


suttonhoo said...

so cool. is the mexican free tailed bat the species that lives under the bridge on congress there in austin?

I, Rodius said...

Yep, that's them. It's impressive watching them flow out. They just keep coming and coming and coming until you think, "This is ridiculous. They must be going back around the other side and coming out again."

They like the arena, too. When I worked there full time, I saw one chase a screaming female co-worker through the building. She got into the administrative offices and closed the door. Thinking she was safe, she worked her way to the back door to go home. The bat circled back around past the kitchen and met her at the back door, swooping at her head just as she made her break for it. It was one determined bat. Must've liked the screaming, I guess.

anniemcq said...

That's hysterical. In the funny sense, and also the literal sense.

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