Wednesday, March 26, 2008

These Eyes

I've been trying to figure out what color the boy's eyes are. At first glance, under incandescent or compact flourescent bulbs, they appear to be blue. Not the same blue as mine, but a darker slate gray kind of blue. Until you take him outside in the sunlight or stick him under institutional flourescent tubes. Then a brownish core appears, still surrounded by the dark blue-gray.

This weekend, Pops said they were hazel, and I realized, as I have from time to time in my life, that I have no idea what that means. People say it, and I nod, but what the hell color is hazel, anyway? I would think it's some kind of brown, like hazelnuts. Oh, wait a minute. That's what hazelnuts look like? I thought those were filberts. Then what the hell are filberts? Oh. A filbert is a hazelnut is a filbert. Who knew? I guess filbert coffee wouldn't sell as well as hazelnut.

Wait, what was I talking about again? Oh, yeah. Hazel eyes. Hmmm. I guess they're a sort of greenish, brownish, amberish kind of color? That's not the boy. I guess I'll stick with blue. You know, if I have to fill out any forms or whatever. I don't think there's usually enough space to write, "Kind of bluish-gray, unless you're talking about in sunlight, in which case they have more of a brown core with a bluish-gray mantle."

Do you think I get extra points for metaphoring the boy's eyes into a cross-section of the earth and properly using the geological term "mantle?" To be honest, I looked it up. It's a good thing it's safe to rely on all information you find on the internet. It would take me days to write a post if I had to go to the library.


suttonhoo said...

sounds like your boy got my eyes -- I have friends who *insist* my eyes are blue, when I (who live with them btw) know them to be green.

or hazel.

but is he old enough to have moved past that blue-eyed baby stage?

I, Rodius said...

Eye color is supposed to be stable by around 6 months, and he's almost 8, but you never know. Maybe they're changing to brown. I hope not. Chicks dig blue eyes.

anne said...

My daughter's eyes were blue, like her dad's, until she was four years old. One day we relaized they had changed to be green, like mine... too weird.

My son's have been blue from the get-go; at six years old now, it looks like he will keep that color.

Chicks dig blue eyes like they dig scars - it is something that boys made up, 'cause most chicks couldn't care less.

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