Monday, March 24, 2008

I Didn't Cheat!

223 words


Tracey seems to be implying that I cheated. Mrs. Rodius says I have a problem with competition. I say, "I win! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! 214 of 1,317,071!"


Tracey R. said...

I was not implying you were cheating - I was calling my husband and friend out for blatantly cheating.

I honestly just discounted your response as preposterous joking. Who the hell can type that fast? I didn't think it was even on the charts?!?!

suttonhoo said...

I. am. in awe.

but dude: what's your accuracy?

here's mine (so inadequate in the shadow of the master)

You type 484 characters per minute
You have 94 correct words and
you have 1 wrong words

I, Rodius said...

I got 3 wrong words the first time and 1 the second. I don't think it's actually measuring words per minute in the traditional sense, though. I type about 80 wpm. I don't think anybody in the world could actually type 223 wpm.

But at least I'm faster than the wife. There are so few things in the world at which I'm better than she is. I'll take what I can get.

anniemcq said...

Wow. And I thought I was competetive!

Impressive speed. You are truly the master.

Mrs. Rodius said...

That's very humble and sweet of you, but you know that's not true. There are plenty of things you're better at. For example, writing your name in the snow... *L*

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