Saturday, November 24, 2007

Parenting Increases the Sophistication of Your Sense of Humor

Mrs. Rodius and I derived a ridiculous amount of mirth this evening from the fact that the boy, while Mrs. Rodius was cleaning him up during a diaper change, pooped right into her upturned hand. And then he blew some butt bubbles in his own poo. Seriously, that is pure comedic gold right there.

In other news, with his brain no longer distracted by the slow machinations of his bowels, he slowly, deliberately, repeatedly, and with much concentration, wrapped his fingers around his Sassy Bumble Bites Teether (which, incidentally, Mrs. Rodius refers to as his "bumble fly" because she believes it to look as much like a butterfly as a bumble bee) and dragged it inexorably into his gaping maw. Huzzah! I looked out the window, but no giant black obelisk. Maybe this isn't as earth shattering as I first thought.

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