Thursday, November 29, 2007

So Tired

The Thumpster and I wore each other out today. I'm glad NaBloPoMo is nearly over, because I'm just not in the best frame of mind. I'm tired. I'm not confident about the new stages we're entering. We went with the theory that the first part of his life was the time to build his trust in us, but now I can't put him down without him fussing. He can't be by himself. We've ruined him! And the tummy time. Lord, the instantaneous, sustained, pure rage. He hates it and will never learn to crawl. Does he have to learn to crawl, or can he go straight to walking? And the self-soothe. I chickened out on the self-soothe thing the past few nights. I told myself it was because we've increased tummy time, we've increased bottle volume, we don't want to introduce too many changes at once. But mostly it's because I'm afraid I'll never sleep again. I like sleep. In fact, I'm going to sleep now. Nighty night!


PureLight said...

I'm so sorry. Maybe you are looking for reason and logic where there really isn't any. I think most of the time infants just do what they do, period, and analyzing their behavior is pretty futile. Honestly, it's going to get better, but I expect you've heard that too many times. I hope you are snoozing as I write!

anniemcq said...

I distinctly remember once, when JH was about 4 months old, and he wouldn't sleep during the night OR the day, and I was changing his diaper, crying and begging him to take a nap, I was so completely exhausted, and he just looked up at me and laughed. He thought it was the funniest thing in the world.

Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

As always, moms know best.

I agree with Purelight - I know I will sound like one of those oh-so-annoying "been there, done that" experienced moms, but go with it. Trust yourself as a parent, Rodius. You will drive yourself BONKERS trying to follow all the "rules" that supposedly lead to well-adjusted, brilliant and productive human beings. Thumper doesn't like tummy time? S'ok...keep working on it, but if you can only get in a few minutes a day right now, it's no biggie. Thumper can't self-soothe? It's you either decide that you are going to give in and just make him happy, or you're going to tough it out and stick with it. You're not "wrong" either way - do what feels right at the time and what gets you through the day.

And reserve the right to change your mind at any second.

There is no secret "right" way to do things. I am highly suspect of definitive correlations for pretty much anything - you will hear people tell you "well, my kids are a, b and c and I did e, f and g, so obviously that's what you should do".


You can do this. You are a great parent (ditto for Mrs. Rodius).

I, Rodius said...

Thanks for the encouragement, y'all.

Lisa L said...

Hi I,Rodius - have been 'lurking' and really enjoy your's and Mrs Rodius' writing. Here's a great idea that works wonders at tummy time. Buy a rubber ball (largish) and place it behind his feet. (with a wall behind the ball for support.) When he's crying and annoyed and kicking and wondering why in the hell his parents would present him with such torture when they're usually so reasonable, he'll suddenly feel the rubber ball and the marvellous sensation of kicking in and releasing. He'll be all,"whoa, what the...?" and crying will be history. Good luck!

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