Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanks, Y'all

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody. I hope yours went as well as ours. While not everyone that we would wish to be here were able to make it, those who could were all well-loved, and we made quite a spread of food. Biggest Brother wasn't sure we could deal with a combo meat platter of turkey, ham, and pulled pork that meant there wasn't a giant naked turkey carcass in the middle of the table, but new Thanksgiving traditions are as much fun as the old ones.

So here are a few things I'm thankful for tonight:

A healthy, happy baby boy. He's been a long time coming, but he came at the perfect time.

A beautiful wife who takes care of me and lets me take care of her. And puts up with my crap.

A loving family that all get along and enjoy each others' company, and the opportunities to get together and do just that.

A sister who reached out, and who is healing after a long and difficult year.

All of you who've read and commented and accepted me into this weird world of blogging and never made me feel like I didn't have a right or a reason to be here.

Happy Thanksgiving! Now bring on Christmas!


anniemcq said...

Right back atcha, Sir!

Glad you had a good one.

BadKitty said...

And I am thankful for a kind and loving family who, after so much time and not really knowing me, has opened their arms and let me back into the fold. Thank You!

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